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HHC hemp flowers are actually CBD hemp flowers enriched with hexahydrocannabinol (HHC).

This cannabinoid is one of those that affect our perception. Its effects are quite similar to THC, the sale of which is prohibited by law. Compared to this, the effects of HHC are milder.

HHC occurs naturally in the cannabis plant, but only in very limited quantities, so it is produced in the lab using CBD. Therefore, natural flowers rich in HHC do not exist. HHC flowers are created by coating CBD flowers with HHC isolate – by uniformly spraying the buds with HHC distillate.

HHC flowers, like other HHC-containing products, can induce a mild euphoric feeling. However, it can have both a stimulating, relaxing and sedative effect. As well as a burst of energy, it can improve mood, enhance sensory perception and boost appetite.

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